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We don’t create clothes.

We create stories and experiences.

High quality materials

Quality is our number one priority . The way the products are made, are beautiful.  Therefore our quality experts are constantly looking for new materials to maintain and improve our quality.

Perfect fit

Anyone who wears a Jovli item several times will have noticed that it is not a normal product. We have used the information of thousands of people to create the ideal fit and size.

Personal & fast delivery

Whether it is for yourself or for your loved ones, we deliver a experience with a personal message. We ship worldwide and we make sure you will be able to enjoy our products as soon as possible.

“I am an explorer by nature”


The name says it all. The Explorer. Do you defy the weather, wind and rain?
The Explorer is made for those who love fishing, camping, hiking or other outside activities. The olive green colour and black tones give a natural effect. Wearing the Explore and being aware of natures beauty can make you feel energised and alive.

“Fxck being basic because I am not like anyone else”

Fxck Being Basic

This Jovli essential will give you the strength to follow just one path – your own path. It makes you unique in every possible way. The materials we used to develop this particular item are by far not basic. This item is specially made for those who are different from the rest. Creative human beings who are the artists of their own lives.

“With freedom in our minds, the sky is never the limit”


Inspired by astronauts and spaceships we created the ‘spaceman’. An absolute must-have for the traveller of today. The ones who are searching for that particular piece of beauty on earth that everybody dreams of. With freedom in your mind and the spaceman on your head the sky is never the limit.


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